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The Return of Simone Biles and the Costs of Gymnastics

It can be difficult to describe the experience of watching women’s gymnastics, because it is not like any other sport. Most élite athletes challenge bodily limits, but gymnasts seem to exist in a realm beyond the human body’s horizon. Some have the brawny necks of linebackers, others the knobby knees

Curt Schilling and Steve Deace Try to “Make Sports Talk Great Again”

For the past month, I’ve been watching a show that aims—as a voice-over during the opening credits puts it—to “make sports talk great again.” It streams daily on the fledgling digital-subscription network CRTV, which stands for Conservative Review Television. The hosts of the show, which is called “On the Clock,”

Lenny Dykstra Has More to Say

A retired ballplayer, age fifty-five and dressed in golf attire (sneakers, khakis, cap), approaches the lower tier of seats at Citi Field and is rebuffed by an usher. Asked to produce a ticket, the ballplayer instead presents a voucher for entry to the Delta Sky360° Club, behind home plate. “That’s

Wimbledon 2018: Novak Djokovic Sees the Light

Belgrade in the nineteen-nineties, following the breakup of Yugoslavia, became a hive of homeopathic strangeness and Eastern Orthodox-tinged New Age awakening. No one has quite explained why, though there are theories that suggest that it was a reaction to decades of Communist repression of spirituality. Much of the world learned

The Moral Clarity of Pussy Riot’s Protest

On Sunday, in the fifty-second minute of the final game of the World Cup, four women dressed in Russian-police uniforms charged the field, briefly disrupting the match. They were members of the Russian protest-art group Pussy Riot.Pussy Riot is often misidentified as a punk group, which is, in fact, only